DIMO Rewards and the DIMO Macaron

DIMO Rewards and the DIMO Macaron

Among the frequently asked queries about DIMO Macaron, there is a keen interest in understanding how its rewards stack up against those of the existing DIMO AutoPi. The following breakdown is designed to address these inquiries.

A Brief Recap - Rewards Mechanism

DIMO Rewards are earned through two avenues: 1) Baseline issuance and 2) Marketplace issuance.

Baseline Issuance pertains to rewarding drivers based on their duration of connection and the method of connection, even if their data isn't actively used by end customers. The objective is to stimulate the network by encouraging drivers to connect specific car types and stream data anticipated to be valuable for future data consumers and app developers.

DIMO users and apps should receive rewards in alignment with the value they contribute, establishing a direct correlation between incentives and favorable behaviors. Those making significant contributions to the network's value should receive larger $DIMO rewards, influencing its future direction.

Marketplace Issuance involves rewards earned when developers and partners consume data. Users transacting with licensed DIMO apps, such as Tenet, Caribou, and Vehicle Genius, receive additional $DIMO tokens, with some $DIMO being burned.

To optimize rewards, it's recommended to keep your vehicle connected and explore spending opportunities in the marketplace.

Baseline Calculation

Baseline rewards are determined using a points formula, where users accrue points based on various factors, dictating their share of the weekly issuance.

One determinant of points earned is the type of connection your car uses to link to DIMO. The software and hardware types impact the calculation. DIMO AutoPi initiates with a baseline of 6,000 points per week, while DIMO Macaron starts with 2,000 points per week, constituting ⅓ of the rewards.

Nevertheless, the additional points earned for maintaining your connection streak remain constant for both devices, with an extra 1,000 points at each level. Consequently, a DIMO Macaron at its maximum streak earns 5,000 points per week, while a DIMO AutoPi earns 9,000 points. This signifies that the Macaron's reward improves relative to the AutoPi, earning 5/9ths of the rewards after 36 weeks.

Further details can be found at this link: link to the detailed breakdown.

Choosing the Right Device Both devices grant users access to the DIMO Marketplace and offer reward opportunities. The decision between DIMO AutoPi and DIMO Macaron should be based not solely on rewards but also on your usage patterns within the marketplace.

It is apparent that the DIMO AutoPi offers higher absolute rewards. However, it is crucial not to base your decision solely on rewards. For more information, please visit the product pages of DIMO AutoPi and DIMO Macaron.

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