DIMO Vehicle Smart Hub

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About the Dimo Vehicle Smart Hub

Real-time vehicle performance and health insights for effortless car ownership

Discover the untold story of your car that OEMs have kept hidden from you. Unleash its full potential to optimize your driving experience. Track your journeys, monitor your vehicle's health, and earn exciting rewards. Don't miss out on the adventure your car has to offer – unlock it now! Share the joy by recommending friends or staying connected, and let the rewards roll in. Embrace the power of your car's narrative today.




AutoPi TMU SocketCAN

Release date

Juli 2022


Bluetooth 4.2 + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Operating System

Preconfigured AutoPi Core

An activity tracker and digital companion for your car

With DIMO you earn rewards – the cryptocurrency $DIMO – by connecting with your car. With the mobile App, which you can download for free, you can gain insight into the health and performance of your vehicle, save money on maintenance and earn rewards for generating data that makes mobility better for everyone. Not unimportant to mention: currently only cars produced from 2012 onwards are supported.


Transform Your Car into a Smart Companion

Discover the power of DIMO AutoPi, your car's new digital companion. With the DIMO device, you can tap into real-time vehicle performance and health data, perform error scanning and diagnostics, and simplify car ownership with seamless integrations and services. The best part? You'll earn $DIMO Rewards while using the app, making your vehicle smarter and more rewarding.


Your Vehicle's Best Friend: DIMO Device

With DIMO AutoPi, you receive a beautifully designed DIMO device, equipped with a SIM card offering 12 months of free mobile connectivity. This 4G/LTE modem-powered device boasts 32GB high-endurance memory, a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, smart power supply, and Bluetooth connectivity. It's the ultimate digital companion for your car, ready to empower your driving experience.


Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Technology

DIMO AutoPi is packed with cutting-edge technology, including a 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, dual CAN support, a variety of OBD protocols, Wi-Fi capabilities, and more. With certifications like FCC and CE, and access to a lifetime community subscription through AutoPi Cloud, you're not just driving; you're on the road to smarter, more connected journeys.

DIMO is Digital Infrastructure for Moving Objects

A user-owned network and a set of tools to upgrade the transportation system. Connected devices work for their owners, not just the companies that built them. Users own and delegate access to their data.


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